Intimate feelings –
Words from Nicola Indelicato’s Tribe

‘As you get into Nicola Indelicato’s world, there is no way you can exit unspoiled.’

‘From underwear to outterwear, not only Indelicato’s garments made me feel proud and thrilled about my self-appearance but my body also reacted to their gentle ferocity in its own way.

The touch of molding, soft, or transparent fabrics being translated into a delightful carnal feeling.

The touch of refined materials gave birth to unknown, previously unexplored sexual desires and a craving apetite for male body exploration.

Untold secrets are rapidly accepted, such as self-adoration, fetishism, erotic obsession. From the most basic couture details to an infinity of unmanageable, uncontrollable feelings, I can say, NICOLA INDELICATO’S DESIGN IS BOUNDLESS. ‘